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Yamato Toune
016 Yamato
Yamato Toune
Gender Female
Occupation Research Team Director of KEC University
Manga Debut Chapter 21

Yamato Toune is a 24 year-old former high-school classmate of Junichirou. In the present, she is an employee of KEC University; running her own research team to create Junichirou's teleportation device.

Physical Appearance[]


A former student from the same high-school class as Junichirou. In the past, Yamato was the only member of the school’s science club until Junichirou decided to join it to learn how to make a Dokodemo Door; and ended up being taught physics by Yamato in the process.

In the present, she is an employee of KEC, a New Japan Association University, where she wishes to fulfill Junichirou’s dream; establishing a research team of her own, and scouting out Junichirou, to continue working towards the door’s completion. Despite only getting Junichirou to work at KEC for a few days, she comes off being happy overall to have been reunited with her past club member again, and hopes that Junichirou returns if she’s ever in a pinch. It's also been hinted that she might have feelings for him.

Chapter Appearances[]

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26