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Tomoya Tokisaka
034 TokisakaTomoya
Tomoya Tokisaka
Gender Male
Occupation Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 68

Tomoya Tokisaka (時坂 朋也 Tokisaka Tomoya) is a childhood friend of Junichirou who decided to travel the world looking for a "miracle." In the present, he has been hired to teach at Hiiragi Academy's main campus.

Physical Appearance[]


A past, 22 year old, friend of Junichirou. He left Japan shortly after the start of high-school to see the world, and is not only seen to be just as good a gamer as Junichirou; beating Hell Gates in a Call of Enemy 2 tournament match, but also became a teacher during his time in the United States. Having now returned to Japan, he and Junichirou reunite after the latter witnesses Tomoya stop an Ichou student, Tachibana, from attempting to commit suicide.

As a thank you for helping him move into his new house later on, Tomoya decides to cook dinner for Junichirou; meeting Suzune in the process. Tomoya tells his tale of how the reason he had been traveling the world is for his wish to see a “miracle.” A feeling of epicness similar to when he witnessed Junichirou unlock a rumored 17th stage of a video-game they had played for 4 days straight in their childhood. Believing that he will never be able to see that miracle again as long as Junichirou remains on the “17th level” he has yet find himself, Tomoya accepts a job offer to be a teacher at Hiiragi Academy's main campus

He has, since then, made casual appearances around Junichirou as he goes about on his escapades; awaiting the day that Junichirou has to battle his homeroom in the SS group war.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 68
  • 69
  • 70
  • 71
  • 72
  • 73
  • 74
  • 80
  • 81
  • 82


  • The name Tomoya means "friend" (朋) (tomo) and "to be, also" (也) (ya).
  • Tomoya's surname Tokisaka means "time, hour, occasion" (時) (toki) and "slope" (坂) (saka).