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Tim Bernards Lynn
008 TimBernardsLynn
Tim Bernards Lynn
Gender Female
Occupation Director of CERM
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Tim Bernards Lynn is a past colleague of Junichirou who created CERM to disprove Junichirou's theory of creating a teleportation device.

Physical Appearance[]


A past colleague of Junichirou who created and directs CERM, a Physics Particle Research Laboratory established in Geneva, Switzerland, in an attempt to disprove Junichirou’s theory on creating a teleportation device. After Junichirou witnessed CERM’s first failed test, he decided to go back home to watch an anime he’s about to miss and ended up staying permanently; much to Tim’s annoyance.

Since then, Tim has been trying time and time again to bring Junichirou back to CERM to continue working towards the completion of the Dokodemo Door, even to the point of using her one day off just to stay the day at Kagami’s house.

Chapter Appearances[]

3, 21, 63