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Shou Narusawa
040 NarusawaShou
Narusawa Shō
Gender Male
School Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 83

Shou Narusawa (鳴沢 省 Narusawa Shō) is a freshman student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus and a member of team White Princess. He is given the nickname "Decohead" for showing Junichirou and his Silver Core team around the E-Rank dormitory.

Physical Appearance[]


A Rank-E freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Junichirou’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child.

When Junichirou and his students are transferred to the E-rank dormitory, Narasawa acts as the guide that shows them around the dorm, and later that night, Narasawa has a heart-to-heart talk with Junichirou when the later joins him on the dorm’s roof. He confesses that he had about given up on trying to increase his E-rank due to seeing many of his classmates get expelled or had left him behind as they upped their rank. However, Junichirou encourages him on; telling him the difference between games and reality, and how no matter how impossible a game may seem, reality is never impossible.

Since then, Narasawa has bonded with Junichirou, and takes part in his main campus escapades to become principal.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 83
  • 84
  • 87
  • 88
  • 89
  • 90
  • 91
  • 92
  • 93
  • 95
  • 96
  • 99
  • 100
  • 104


  • The name Shou means "ministry" (省).
  • Shou's surname Narusawa means "ringing" (鳴) (naru) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa).