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Nozomi Oishi
050 OoishiNozomi
Ōishi Nozomi
Gender Female
School Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 94

Nozomi Oishi (大石 望 Ōishi Nozomi) is a student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus and the leader of team Half Wings.

Physical Appearance[]


A top grade, E-rank, student and the leader of Team Half Wings. She catches Junichirou’s attention when he realizes that she had become good friends with Moemi during Silver Core’s stay at the E-dormitory.

Later on, Ooishi brings Moemi along to a room which Moemi realizes to be a live-concert of the idol band, The Legends. Here, Ooishi reveals that her team are fan-girls of the band; giving Moemi the idea that they could be the answer Junichirous looking for to make a Silver Core commercial video and introduces the band to him.

After Silver Core defeats the Legends in the seduction battle. Ooishi's team, along with the rest of the Legends fans, follow their example and join up with team Silver Core.

Character Appearances[]

  • 94
  • 97


  • The name Nozomi means "wish, desire, hope" (望).
  • Nozomi's surname Oishi means "big, great" (大) (o) and "stone" (石) (ishi).