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Mimori Kichou
025 MimoriKichou2
Kichō Mimori
Gender Female
School Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus
Occupation Student


Manga Debut Chapter 46

Mimori Kichou (貴澄 みもり Kichō Mimori) is a student of the Hiiragi Academy's main campus who helps Koyomi scout out students and teachers worthy enough to be accepted at the main campus. Due to her newswriting skills, Junichirou has decided to call her "Blogs Girl."

Physical Appearance[]


A third-year student, and reporter, nicknamed the “Teacher Killer,” of the Newspaper Club. Kichou writes her articles based solely upon half-truths and exaggerations regarding certain teachers that catch her eye which, as a result, causes most of the teachers she writes about to leave the school.

She develops her next article on Junichirou after spying on his recent escapades with other Ichou Academy students, describing him to be a bad influence and educator. However, she is caught off guard when she sees that Junichirou actually praises Kichou for developing such a well-written article about him that he agrees to mostly be the truth, and even warning her that she could be in trouble if she doesn’t live up to the hype generated from her articles.

Impressed by his personality, Kichou decides to let him in on her secret; that she’s a part of Hiiragi Academy’s Information Club; giving her administrator access to many major news sites, and that she wrote negative articles about teachers as a test to see if they are mentally fit to become a teacher at the main campus. She offers Junichirou two choices, to negotiate, or to “force” her to listen; otherwise his reputation would be tarnished forever. Junichirou however chooses neither, saying that he would deal with the situation in his own way after Kichou has lit the fire all over the news. To which he does so by releasing all his personal and utmost secret information over the news through the televised Kagamin Channel; effectively turning all of Kichou’s negative threads about Junichirou into nothing more than bait gimmicks to get people to watch his channel, resulting in her loss overall.

She has, since then, decided to follow Junichirou for her own reasons, and stood alongside Koyomi during the beach training camp to discuss if he, and the Ichou branch students he’s rallied, are ready to be transferred to the main campus.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 46
  • 47
  • 48
  • 65
  • 66


  • Mimori's surname Kichou means "valuable" (貴) (ki) and "clear, pure" (澄) (chou).