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Miho Kitou
Miho kitou
鬼頭 ミホ
Gender Female
School Higashi Shinmei High
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Voice Actor Yuiko Tatsumi
English Voice Actor Jamie Marchi

Miho Kitou (鬼頭 ミホ, Kitō Miho) is a character in Denpa Kyoushi. She was originally in a colour gang 'Black Oracle Neo/BON' with Kanou Minako, Nanami Seijuurou and Komiya Taki. After quitting, Kanou Minako started singing anime songs on the rooftop, and Miho bullied her for that. Because of that, Kagami called her 'Witch'. But after getting a 'lesson' from Kagami Junichirou, she became good friends with Kanou Minako. Then, she revealed her interest in cooking and her dream of owning a restaurant, even though the chances of her actually being able to reach that dream are very slim, as her family wants her to take over their bicycle shop. After tasting food cooked by Miho, Kagami started calling her 'Spice Girl' instead.

Physical Appearance[]


A delinquent from the Black Oracle gang who bullies Kanoe in an attempt to get her to return to her delinquent ways. After receiving a “bullying lesson” from Junichirou however, she ends up befriending Kanoe and decides to follow her example; wishing to become a famous chef in the future. Little did she know that the lesson she received ended up being the catalyst to Junichirou’s career at Ichou Academy…

She makes a brief cameo later on in the Komiya Twins arc; mad at Junichirou for leaving her out of the fight against Takeda’s gang.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 1
  • 2
  • 9*
  • 55*
  • 59*
  • 60*
  • 62


  • Miho's surname Kitou means "demon, ogre" (鬼) (ki) and "head" (頭) (tou).