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Matome Nishikujou
024 NishikujouMatome
Nishikujō Matome
Gender Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Purple
School Ichou Academy (former)
Manga Debut Chapter 42

Matome Nishikujou (西九条 まとめ Nishikujō Matome) is a ghost haunting one of Hiiragi Academy's training camps, and loves to read manga to pass the time. She is given the nickname "Ghost Artist" due to her ambition of wanting to create her own manga.

Physical Appearance[]


A wayward ghost of a former Hiiragi student who died a year ago, and has, since then, been haunting one of the academy’s training-camps. Matome encounters Junichirou when he stumbles upon her atop a stack of manga in the training camp’s library, and asks him to help her “pass on" to the afterlife to which Junichirou deduces that it has something to do with the manga Matome had been reading all this time.

She eventually comes across an old manga, Hanauta, which excites her greatly; developed by none other than Tenjouin Kisaki, aka, Tanaka from Junichirou’s class. The cause of Matome’s inability to rest-in-peace is discovered to be because she wishes to see the final chapter of said manga that was never released. Tanaka then shows Matome the final unreleased chapter, and she was finally able to begin departing to the afterlife. However, Junichirou decides to want to go further…

It turns out that Matome was also a fan of Tanaka’s current work, Shuumatsu Gakuen; a manga that inspired Matome to try to write one of her own, but never got a chance do to so. With encouragement from Junichirou and Tanaka however, she goes on to create one page of her own manga that basically described what happened moments before her death. Matome is now satisfied with everything, but instead of departing…she’s seen haunting bookstores instead; continuing to read Shuumatsu Gakuen.

In the anime, Matome discovers while drawing her manga that though normally even turning the pages of a manga was a chore, while Junichirou, Tanaka and the others were around, she barely had any trouble. Junichirou realizes that when she does something that requires a lot of effort, she takes the energy from a living person. Junichirou refuses to let anyone else into the room in order to prevent them from losing energy. When Matome realizes what she is doing, she starts doubting the worth of her project, but Junichirou puts a stop to her doubts, telling her to finish her manga no matter what happened to him. Matome finishes the single page of her manga and gives it to Junichirou to read. Once he reads it and compliments her happily, she fades into the afterlife without finishing her manga, leaving Junichirou dissatisfied but happy.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 42
  • 43
  • 44


  • Matome's surname Nishikujou means "west" (西) (nishi), "nine" (九) (ku) and "article" (条) (jou).