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Makoto Akamine
053 MakotoAkamine
Makoto Akamine
Gender Male
School Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus
Occupation Student
Relatives Tamaki Akamine (sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 98

Makoto Akamine (赤嶺 誠 Akamine Makoto) is a student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus and the leader of team Red Core.

Physical Appearance[]


Makoto is an S-rank student who first appears when Junichirou comes across him sitting atop a mound of broken electronics and video-games; rounding up parts to repair an aerial combat simulator, “Force Combat,” as a present for his little sister, Tamaki. Here, Makoto explains to Junichirou that Tamaki has always been there for him, and that this is the least he can do for her as a form of appreciation. Impressed by his will do to this just for his sibling, Junichirou, as well as Suzune who was with Junichirou at the time, decide to help him repair the simulator.

Makoto thanks Junichirou and Suzune for the help, but are greeted by a couple members of team Red Core moments after; revealing to Makoto that he had actually been conversing with the leaders of the team they would be fighting against in their next group war. Afterwards, Makoto stands silent next to Tamaki as she reveals to Junichirou who they are and challenges Silver Core to a group war. Junichirou accepts and is given the option on what they will battle over. He decides to make it a duel over “Force Combat,” but as a best-two-out-of-three sibling duel between Junichirou/Suzune and Makoto/Tamaki. Afterwards, Makoto shows Junichirou how to work the simulator so that he can practice before the match.

During the duel, team Junichirou/Suzune win the first round through radar trickery. However, the excitement of the match causes Tamaki to faint; forcing Makoto to duel Junichirou one-on-one for the second round. It is here that Junichirou discovers that Makoto is actually a much stronger “Force Combat” player on his own, and in turn, gets berated by Junichirou for never fighting from his own will due to his concern for his sister. Tamaki wakes up at this point however, and cheer’s Makoto on; proclaiming that at some point, she will catch up to him. Makoto finally shows his true form and ends the second round in a tie.

The third round is set with Red Core’s back against the wall; needing to win to keep Red Core, and his sister’s dream, alive. Makoto lets Tamaki take command of the round, and watches as he sees his sister enter her “ghost” mode to show off her abilites.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • Chapter 98
  • Chapter 99
  • Chapter 100
  • Chapter 101
  • Chapter 102
  • Chapter 103
  • Chapter 104


  • The name Makoto means "sincerity" (誠).
  • Makoto's surname Akamine means "red" (赤) (aka) and "ridge" (嶺) (mine).