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Main Campus Group War Arc
The ones who will bring about change to the main campus...



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The Main Campus Group War Arc is the 5th major story arc of the Denpa Kyoushi manga series.

Having been transferred over to the main campus of Hiiragi Academy, Junichirou is now thrust into a group war between his Team Silver Core followers, and the students of the main campus to gather them all under his rule to reach the “SS” rank which would allow Junichirou to take over as the academy’s principal.

Arc Navigation[]

The Soccer Game[]

The E-Rank Dormitory[]

The Water Polo Duel[]

The Room[]

A Battle of Seduction[]

The Best Sibling Pair[]

Scouting Ahead[]

"Magic Girls" Love Battle[]

The Abstract Artist[]


The Three Powers[]

All Out War[]

  • Black Core Arc