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Madoka Kuramochi
018 MadokaKuramochi
Kuramochi Madoka
Age 16
Gender Female
School Hiiragi Academy's "Ichou" Branch Campus
Occupation Student
Game-Company Owner
Manga Debut Chapter 27
Japanese Voice Actor Mao Ichimichi
English Voice Actor Alexis Tipton

Madoka Kuramochi (蔵持 円 Kuramochi Madoka) is the treasurer of Ichou academy thanks to her ability to see the value in almost anything. She is also the daughter of a family who owns a gaming company known as KMC, and that she has been forced into a political marriage between her company and another trying to buy her out. Her Junichirou nickname is "Little Miss Money."

Physical Appearance[]


A new-transfer freshman who has the ability to assess the value of anything just by looking at it. It’s due to this ability that Madoka was scouted out by Koyomi Hiiragi to be Ichou Academy’s treasurer. In addition, her family turns out to be the owner of a well-known gaming company, KMC. Madoka is set to take over the company at the age of 16. However, it comes with the catch that she must marry the CEO of another gaming company, Activision Frigate, or else everyone at her company will get the axe when the company buys KMC out.

Not wanting any part of it, she ends up quitting as Ichou’s treasurer with her eyes set on Junichirou; impressed by his “Routine Buster” speech. Madoka tries to win him over by forcing her way into his house, much to Suzune’s annoyance, and plays the role of the married house-wife. However, the rush to marriage was too unusual for Junichirou, and he eventually finds out the meaning of it all on his own after cyber-hacking KMC for the truth.

Later on, Activision Frigate’s CEO, Hell Gates, shows up at the Kagami household to complete the marriage to Madoka, but ends up at odds with Junichirou to free her of the political marriage; playing each other in a 1 vs 1 duel in a match of Call of Enemy. Junichirou wins through the use of the games unresolved bugs, and gets Madoka’s marriage called off. However, Gates ends up falling for Madoka in the end; not wishing to be out of her life just yet. As a thank-you, Junichirou agrees to go on a date with Madoka (though this was one-sided on her side), and decides to return as Ichou’s treasurer with a new goal set…to get Junichirou to propose to her.

She makes a brief appearance helping Junichirou create his final exam for his students with the rental box, and is seen later on as one of the candidates willing to follow Junichirou to the main campus for the SS group war. She doesn’t get chosen due to failing to make a unique impression on the students that were voting. However, thanks to Koyomi, she transfers to the main campus anyway as one of Junichiou’s five reserve students.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • 27
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  • The name Madoka means "circle, yen, round" (円).
  • Madoka's surname Kuramochi means "warehouse, cellar, magazine" (蔵) (kura) and "hold, have" (持) (mochi).