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Koutarou's Bully
021 KoutarousBully
Gender Male
School West Shinmei High School
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 36

An old classmate of Koutarou who initiated Koutarou's truant life-style.

Physical Appearance[]


A West Shinmei High School student who ended up in the hospital when he attempted to harass Koutarou about his cross-dressing habits; calling his hobby “disgusting” in retaliation, and leading to Koutarou’s truant life-style.

He later returns during the Uroboros party event as a set-up by Junichirou to help Koutarou confront his past. He’s not impressed at first, but changes his mind when Koutarou reveals his true-self in front of everyone at the party.

Character Appearances[]

36, 38*, 39, 40