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051 Kisaragi2
Gender Male
School Hiiragi Academy's Main Campus
Occupation Student

Idol Band Leader

Manga Debut Chapter 94

Hibiki Kisaragi (如月 ひびき Kisaragi Hibiki) is a student at Hiiragi Academy's main campus and the leader of the idol band, The Legends.

Physical Appearance[]


A womanizer D-rank student, and the leader of the idol band team, The Legends. To increase their rank, his band does not fight in normal group events to increase their point total, but instead gains points through donations by their female fans from the concerts they perform.

At Moemi and Nozomi’s request, Junichirou comes to him; asking to make a commercial video that will help enhance Silver Core’s image. Kisaragi agrees, but only if his band receives 70% of the points they would make off the commercial to which Junichirou finds to be a complete rip-off. Instead, Junichirou proposes a unique form of a group battle against Kisaragi and The Legends; a battle of “seduction” between Silver Core and his team to see who can seduce more females which will then be broadcasted as Silver Core’s commercial video. With the stakes so heavily favored towards the Legends side, Kisaragi agrees.

During the match, the Legends jump to a huge lead over Silver Core at first due to the former's greater experience when it comes to seducing women to their side. However, as the game went on, Junichirou pulls out his trump card; revealing that he had turned his Silver Core team into "internet mascots" that are adored by the female students; resulting in the Legends losing by a single point. Despite losing however, Kisaragi realized that Junichirou had increased the Legends fan-base as well through the game, and is struck with reality once Junichirou tells him that he can't enjoy the experience of fun in a serious group war similar to what he experienced here.

Soon after, Kisaragi, having been impressed by Junichirou's handling of the group war, decides to join The Legends, and his fan-club teams, with Silver Core...with the added bonus that Junichirou will turn his Legends team into internet mascots as well.

Chapter Appearances[]

  • Chapter 94
  • Chapter 95
  • Chapter 96
  • Chapter 97


  • Hibiki's surname Kisaragi means "february" (如月).