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Hell Gates
019 HellGates
Hell Gates
Gender Male
Occupation Programmer
Game Company CEO
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Namikawa
English Voice Actor Eric Vale

Hell Gates is a pro-gamer in first-person-shooting, and Madoka Kuromochi's political fiance. He plays Junichirou in a game of "Call of Enemy" to get the marriage called off.

Physical Appearance[]

They appear be to have their hair up and have blonde colored hair, Their face bears a very androgynous appearance and looks more female than male.


A programming genius, CEO of Activision Frigate, and Madoka’s political fiancé. He is considered a master and self-proclaimed “king” of video-gaming; being a 3-time consecutive worldwide gaming champion in the FPS game, “Call of Enemy”.

He came to Japan from Dubai the moment Madoka reached the marrying age of 16, but ended up bumping heads with Junichirou; claiming to be her actual fiancé. Gates ends up challenging him to a duel using the video-game, Call of Enemy, with the stakes being Gates’ marriage with Madoka, and Junichirou’s life as a video-gamer. Junichirou ends up winning the duel through the bugs seen in the game and used them to his advantage, thus, getting the marriage called off. However, Gates ends up falling for Madoka anyway as he feels that she is the person that can always be there to watch over him if he takes it too far.

Gates makes a brief cameo later on; losing badly to Tokisaka Tomoya in a Call of Enemy 2 tournament match.

Chapter Appearances[]

30, 31, 32, 33, 68