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Chapter 78
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Volume 9
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Remake is the 78th chapter in the Denpa Kyoushi manga series.

Character in order of appearance[]


Nami helps Reiko up and confesses the match with her was fun instead of just interesting.

Hiiragi tells Nami she has lost 90 percent of her points and is demoted to rank E. She justifies her education system by seeing the world as a battlefield and such treatment will make students ready for life after school.

Nami isn’t upset for her demotion, despite Hiiragi expecting her to be. Her fun experience with Reiko was enough a price. She asks Kagami if she can have a rematch with Reiko now since Rank E students are not allowed outside. Kagami accepts the rematch, but decides he will be on her side this time so no one knows who is going to win.

Hiiragi swats the ball away as the rematch was about to begin, under the rule that the principle has to give permission for all matches by Hiiragi Main Branch students.

Kagami sees such rules like division of student ranks and Hiiragi’s perfect education system is something a teenager going through puberty would say and do.

Embarrassed, Hiiragi swings her whip at Kagami’s face, only for him to catch it with his mouth and claims rules exist to make the game more interesting. He then proclaims in front of everyone in the gym he will become the Principle of the Main Branch and remake Hiiragi’s education system.

Everyone shouts their shock as a girl wearing a cape, which says amour, says Kagami is far more interesting than she imagined.

Kagami also stipulates he will re-educate Hiiragi once he becomes principle.